Project Development and Modernisation.

Every building is unique in its tenancy, utilisation and design. Selection of the best equipment that will support building operations is extremely important when considering a capital investment in upgrading to a new type of transportation system. Making that selection is often filled with uncertainty and confusion around the many different options. We will assist you in selections and decisions with:

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Many clients have difficulty understanding what the elevator service provider is supposed to provide under the maintenance agreement. We ensure our clients are receiving fair value from the elevator service company. A comprehensive maintenance management programme may defer, or eliminate the need for costly new equipment or major repairs that a service company has proposed.

FABTEC Elevator Consultants Preventative Maintenance Agreements and Equipment Audits reduce the risks resulting from missed maintenance and poorly maintained elevator / escalator equipment. We periodically examine your plant equipment to evaluate safety, reliability, performance levels, and code legislative requirements, by auditing the condition of the elevator system and establish specific quality maintenance standards.